8 is not great

So, today is the 8th day of NaBloPoMo and I'm at a loss for topics. This does not bode well considering there are 22 more days in the month of November which means, by my elaborate and complex calculations, there are 22 more posts in the month of November. I have several posts planned but those are for specific dates so what am I to do today?! How can I be stumped at 8?!  In times like these, it is helpful to reach out to loved ones for support and assistance so I turned to my family.

First, I approached Luisa who was watching television.

Vikki: Quick! Give me a topic for a post! Luisa: silence as she makes thinking noises Vikki: Just give me the first thing that pops into your mind! Luisa: Football? Vikki: Ok, not the first thing. Give me the next thing! Luisa: I don't know.

I let her go back to watching the Steelers in their abnormally bright yellow pants while I worried about the fact that there was no second thing in her mind.

The possible topics I got from Zeca? My dead mother and the Bubonic Plague. So very tempting but I'm not in a deathy mood. I went in to Miguel's room hoping for some inspiration and he was too focused on where the extra Halloween candy went to offer any suggestions at all.

That leaves me with nothing. NOTHING. So, I have written you a tiny poem:

An Ode to the 8th of November

It was the 8th of November

The date I clearly remember

There was nothing to post

About this I don't boast

I believe you'll forgive, not dismember

Wow. November is not an easy rhyming word and I really do hope that you don't dismember me because I need all my members. Tomorrow will be a better writing day, right? Either that or..."It was the 9th of November..."