Last Call

Remember when I went to BlogHer and got lost in Central Park and lost 10 pounds from anxiety and sweat and then had a $25 gin and tonic from the hotel mini bar which, I might add, did not even include lime and then I ate my way through the expo hall because I was recovering from gin and social awkwardness? That was so much fun that I am thinking about going to BlogHer 2011 which will take place in San Diego and if I'm gonna go then I want to see some other queer folk there. BlogHer's Call for Ideas for the 2011 conference closes this Sunday, 10/31/10. This is our opportunity to suggest queer panel topics and queer panelists and queer everything! I'm begging all of you...readers and bloggers head over here and read a brief bit about the Call for Ideas and then SUBMIT. The submission form allows you to suggest panel topics and panelists. This is a chance for you to put your queer/queer alllied little self on a panel. This is your chance to recommend your favorite bloggers to talk about a topic of your choosing. This is your chance help create a queer presence at the conference. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Why Vikki? WHY?" The simple answer is VISIBILITY. The more complex answer is VISIBILITY. BlogHer is a huge conference and provides an excellent opportunity for us to build coalitions and support for our writing and issues. So, do it. Submit your ideas today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Submit an idea for BlogHer 2011