As I quietly sipped a cup of coffee this morning, I heard rattling noises at the window. It was dark and I was alone and I was a little freaked out by the scuttling sounds that followed. Was it a rabid bat sent as part of a nefarious plot to drive me insane? Was it a lost joey, hopped up on Red Bull and looking for a fight?* I tip toed to the window, threw open the curtains and there, with its little claws stuck in the screen, was a squirrel! It was stretched out - its underbelly pressed against the window- and...it had boobies. I gasped! As I watched her teats dangling against the screen, our eyes met and I actually thought, "Oh girl...I've been there." This is what it has come to - I bond with squirrels over nursing. You know what else is wacky? Dreams. The other night I dreamed that I was at an old house preparing for a grand fete. My friend, Brian, was cooking for the hundreds of people that were scheduled to attend. The purpose of this gala? To celebrate Cagney and Lacey's anniversary. At one point, Cagney and I were out for a walk and the skies got rather dark and ominous and I said, "Wow. This seems like tornado weather." Then, we turned to see a tornado heading south towards my house. I was like, "Oh no! My house!" and then we looked again and the tornado was heading straight for us. Cagney and I took off running and headed for a ditch by a line of trees. We got down low and she was so calm and protective and had so much wisdom to offer about being out in the open with a tornado bearing down on you. Given her expertise, it's no surprise that we survived. If you are ever faced with a tornado, I highly recommend Christine Cagney as a companion. We then headed back to the house to clean up for the party. The best part of the night was when Cagney and Lacey slow danced for all of us. Unfortunately, I had to leave because I needed to go talk with an archaeologist about dolphins living in the desert and eventually evolving into dragons but I had no doubt that the party was a success.

So, that's what's new with me. What about you?

*"hopped up" - heh.