Last winter, some of my blogging pals convinced me to go to BlogHer. It seemed like a good idea at the time but most things seemed better than sitting on my painful ass watching the snow fly. So, I bought a BlogHer ticket and plane tickets and time went by and OH LOOK! I AM LEAVING TOMORROW! I am flying to NYC tomorrow and I am filled with excitement and a tiny bit of anxiety.  The anxiety part is no big surprise. I'm sure the conference will be wonderful but, more than anything, I am looking forward to meeting a few of the people that I have connected with through blogging. I'll be meeting some of the Graces from Grace the Spot. I'll be cheering on Deborah while she reads during the keynote (Go Deborah!). I'll be sharing a room with Polly from Lesbian Dad who I haven't seen in probably 15 years. I might even to get to meet a few Autostraddlers. Dare I say that blogging as made me a bit more extroverted? So, I've been busy getting ready for the trip which included shopping for new clothes which involved an ill-fated trip to the Mall of America that I documented over at GTS. I was unable to assemble a new, hip wardrobe for my trip so I'll likely look like some sort of queer midwestern hobo. If I could find a trained monkey, I think I could make some good money panhandling outside the Hilton. I'm guessing those lady bloggers would take pity on me.

I will be in NY through Sunday but won't be posting. I will be tweeting though so you should follow me. I'll probably tweet so damn much it will be like you are there with me. C'mon! Haven't been wanting to go to NY? When I get back, I am heading right to a cabin in Wisconsin for a week where I won't have any internet access. I'll be going from one extreme to another. Anyway, my point in giving you my itinerary is not to bore you but to say - I'm outta here for awhile.

Farewell! I promise to check the hotel room for bed bugs!