Beware the Wolves

Last night, Zeca and I were cuddling in bed and she pointed to a spot under my chin and said, "What's that?" I said, "That's a mole." Then, she examined my face more closely and pointed to a spot near my eyebrow and said, "What's that?" I felt around at the spot and said, "Oh, that's a zit." Then, she ran her fingers through my hair and said, "Mama, there is a red spot on your scalp." I nodded and she said, "What is it?" and I could have said so very many things but I went with, "It's probably a mark from a hairwolf." She tilted her head and laughed a suspicious little laugh and said, "What?" and I said, "You know, hairwolves. You've heard of werewolves, right? Well, hairwolves are kinda like that but they live in your hair." She clapped her hands over her mouth in shock and said, "Mama - that's weird and kinda scary." I laughed and explained that I was joking. I told her there was no such thing as a hairwolf and that the little red spot was simply a birth mark. She slept through the night so I can assure you there were no consequences of the little hairwolf story. When Luisa and I went to bed, I told her about the hairwolves. Well, I tried - I could barely get the story out because I was laughing so hard. Hairwolves! As I rolled around laughing, I suddenly realized that there was not a chorus of laughter as there should have been. I dried the tears from my eyes and looked at her and she was just staring at me...

Luisa: You told her that? At bedtime?

Vikki: What? Hairwolves! Like werewolves! It's so funny.

Luisa: How do you even think of these things?

Vikki: I'm a genius.

Luisa: It's not funny, just weird.

Vikki: No, you don't understand! Hairwolves! Like teeny tiny wolves in the hair - BWAH HA HA!

...and then she rolled over. I was quiet for about 15 minutes and then I couldn't help myself - I said, "Luisa?" and she said, "Yeah?" and I said, "HAIRWOLVES!" and then laughed maniacally. This morning? She was gone. She left me over the hairwolves. Ok, not really but that would have been quite a story. In reality, we woke up early because of a storm and I said, "I had a hard time going to sleep last night." She said, "Because of the hairwolves?" and you know what? It was because of the hairwolves. I couldn't sleep because I kept picturing this:

Dances with Hairwolves

That's right - Dances with Hairwolves! Yep. Genius.

p.s. Zeca just got up and I read her this post and she thinks it's hilarious. So, this bears the Zeca stamp of approval.