The Boys

They are goofy. They laugh loudly and without apology. They argue and then forgive. They play games and make their own rules. They are bossy. They get into trouble. They protect each other. They keep secrets. They try to hold grudges but can't. One loves sports and one doesn't. One can spend hours reading and one won't. One is an extrovert and one is not. They navigate moods and difference. They complement each other in so many ways.

Their friendship is amazing but I will admit that I always assumed that it was as simple as what could be observed. Recently, I discovered that I was wrong - they talk about things that are hard and seek comfort in each other. It shouldn't have surprised me  - they've known each other a long time and know each other in ways that only old friends can. Still, I was surprised and was reminded of the gifts of friendship. I'm thinking of them both right now as they fish and swim and throw personal hygiene out the window while at Camp Warren. Sometimes when you are 9, life is one big burp joke and sometimes it is that and more.