Not So All Right

I was going to write a blog post about our plans for the evening which included seeing The Kids Are All Right with some close friends and then going out for drinks. A grown up night on the town! A double date! But, I decided that I shouldn't write about it because that would most certainly guarantee that one of the children would get sick. See, almost every time we plan to do something without the kids - illness strikes. The kids aren't fakers. It is simply chronic bad timing. So, I decided to keep this scheduled date night on the down low. I figured that I could write a post after we had dropped them off with the friends who agreed to babysit. Well, guess who just got a call from school? GO AHEAD AND GUESS! That's right - Zeca is sick. A sick kid on date night.

I reacted as any parent desperate for a night on the town might react - I wept hysterically. I called Kristin, my friend and babysitter for the night,  and cried and cursed and shook a virtual fist at the gods. She listened and then graciously agreed to come stay with Zeca at our house while her husband, Brian, would take Miguel for an overnight as planned. We will get to see the movie at least and, when we get home, we will build a shrine in honor of Kristin and Brian. Then, I'll start working on my own review of the movie in case you haven't read enough about it already.

In other news, remember when I wrote about wanting a pair of Fluevogs? Well, I didn't get the black and blue ones. I got the burgundy and black ones instead. You can read all about my love of the salesperson at the Fluevog store in Chicago here. I'll add only this - the box arrived today with my gorgeous shoes, a handwritten note from the salesperson and a lollipop. I am so very smitten.