Happy Pride

I had several posts in mind this week and then...never wrote them. We are once again sleep-deprived here at the Casa de Up Popped A Fox. Heat...humidity...and now - Zeca has bronchitis. I know that she is contracting all these illnesses because, after winter was over, I said, "The kids were quite healthy this winter!"  Keeping your kids healthy requires isolation, wet wipes and keeping your mouth shut so as not to tempt the Fates. That last thing has never been my strong suit so I know that I have brought this on us. There is nothing to do now but endure and make sure that I make no comments about the health of anyone in this house. Zip. I'm keeping my trap shut. I didn't want to think I was disappearing once again so consider this little post a placeholder. I'll be back next week. Right now, I have to go find some coffee so that I can stay awake until Luisa gets home. I could really use those mini-whites right now but, alas, I don't have any so coffee it shall be.

This is also Pride Weekend and we aren't going this year, first time we've skipped it ever. I explained a bit about my reasons in my most recent post for Grace the Spot which you can read here.

Happy Pride to y'all and I'll be back next week!