Peep Week 2010 - Day 5

Social workers get bored. Well, I get bored and I'm a social worker therefore all social workers must be just like me. That kind of thinking is probably why I got a C in logic at Grinnell.  Anyway, nothing beats boredom like peeps. So, I organized a Peep Potluck at work so that we could all express our creativity and then partake of some wacky peep creations. I'd like to thank all of my colleagues for getting into the spirit of things. Special thanks to Kathy, Donna, Tracy, Vicki, Cathy and Jennifer, Renee and Colleen for contributing to this event. It was so much fun and a great reminder that I work with some of the best people (or, in this case, peeple)!

Take a gander at the peeps of our potluck labor: