Peep Week 2010 - Day 4

You know what I like to do during Peep Week? I like to drive across the country with my children. That's right - daily blogging is just not challenging enough so I like to take a big road trip, record videos on the fly, edit them at night and then wander around holding my computer like a divining rod trying to find WiFi so that I can upload them to YouTube. This is my way of saying that we were in Denver and now we are in Kansas City! We've spent a lot of time in the car and I am thanking my lucky stars for the Glee soundtrack and Lady Gaga. Both drown out any bickering (not that our children ever bicker!) and the music drowned out the TICKA TICKA TICKA TICKA of the blinker that we couldn't turn off on the last leg of our drive last night. Well, we could turn off the blinker but not the sound. I like that our car misbehaves in unique ways. It makes us even more special. But, I digress. Today, we are talking chocolate covered peeps. Now, I know you're thinking that we did this last year and you're right! We did. This year, however, Just Born came out with their very own Chocolate Covered Peeps and, given that this is the new peep product this year, I had to try it and I enlisted a little help while we were in Denver.