Peep Week 2010 - Day 2

I know how it see a shiny package of peeps and you just want to rip it open and eat them all or immediately use them in some sort of awe-inspiring peep project. But, as with all good things, we have to pace ourselves. This goes for Peep Week too. We have to ease into it. So, today, I'm going to share some more peepy news and links with you before I start rolling out this years' original peep content.  One of the very exciting peep developments of the past year is that there is now a peep store. That's right - an entire store! The store is located near Washington D.C. and sells all sorts of Peep candy and souvenirs (as well as other Just Born products but who cares about that stuff? Not us, right?). Rumor has it that there is a Village Peeple t-shirt. Can you imagine the cuteness? I need this shirt. Yes, need. I have not found any visual evidence that it actually exists though. If someone can hook me up, I would be forever grateful (size large, thanks) and would gladly pay you in peep art. The following video is about the store and does show another shirt in which bunnies suggest that inside, we are all the same. A beautiful sentiment, indeed. Wipe those tears from your eyes and check out the my next vacation destination:

Meanwhile, the Pioneer Press has a number of the entries in their diorama contest up for viewing. Check those out here. Also, they have put up another peep investigative piece - this time about a Peepdemic. It's hysterical and I want to know how to get this guy's job.

And last, but certainly not least, the Washington Post sponsors a huge diorama contest every year and the entries were spectacular. You can see them here.

That's all for today but fear not my sugar feathered friends! Peep Week will continue tomorrow!