Line Item Veto

Blog posting has been sporadic - I'm sure you've noticed. Lest you think that I've become neglectful once again, I am here to tell you that I've been very busy preparing for Peep Week 2010. Very busy. I've been hatching some special plans for this year's Peep extravaganza! Hatching. Heh. As part of the prep work, I need martini glasses and I need them for tonight. I was telling Luisa this last night and explaining non-chalantly that I would be going to buy some today and she sighed. She may deny the sigh but I heard it. It was the Sigh Heard Around the World. Okay, not really. It was the Sigh Heard Across the Dinner Table. Fortunately, that sigh came with a smile...a resigned smile perhaps, but a smile nonetheless. I said, "I know. I know you're thinking about the amount of money that peep-related projects cost us each year. I'm going to have to start submitting a budget every January." And then, we started to recount the expenditures for Peep Week 2010.

packages of yellow peeps (4) packages of pink bunnies (1) milk chocolate covered peep (1) dark chocolate covered peep (1) foam core posterboard (2) cocktail shaker (1) martini glasses (6) semi-sweet chocolate chips (1) graham crackers (1) eggs (1 dozen) heavy cream (2) vodka creme de cocoa scrapbooking stickers - vacation set (1) scrapbooking stickers - beach set (2) peep bubble blower (1) Kodak Zi8

I argued that the camcorder should not be included in this list but Luisa insisted that we would not have purchased it if I hadn't wanted something to make quick and easy videos. Just to prove that it's not for the  peeps, I am going to take short videos of the kids every single day until the ratio of kid videos to peep videos is heavily skewed towards the kids and erases any notion that I bought an expensive electronic device to film marshmallows and marshmallow-related activities.

We will actually be out of town during Peep Week proper so I'll be posting from the road...or the slopes in Denver...or the plains of Kansas City. Hopefully. We'll just have to see if I can pull off a week's worth of posts while I'm on vacation. If nothing else, maybe I can get a video of me falling on my ass while skiing/snowboarding. Fun times! Anyway, posting will be light for the next week but I hope to reward you with all sorts of peepy goodness.

Now, let's talk fashion. My girl has been rockin' some ties lately! Twice this week Zeca chose to wear ties to school and twice this week kids gave her a hard time because "girls can't wear ties". The kids laughed at her because of the ties which is kinda funny because the ties are the least of her fashion problems. Hello duelling stripes! Note to self: do not buy this child any more striped or patterned clothing because she will wear it in combinations that you could never have imagined.




 She is awfully cute though.

Have a nice weekend y'all and may your martini glasses overflow with something delicious!