Yesterday, I wrote a post for Grace the Spot about e-mail inboxes and proposed a little game in which you take the most recent 10 e-mails that you received and see what they say about you. Go check it out here! Today, my inbox really doesn't reflect anything about me because it's filled with e-mails from friends and family talking about erectile dysfunction. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Vikki, why are your friends and family cuckoo for cock?" Well, it appears that our account was hacked and sent Viagra spam to all of the contacts in our address book. That's right folks - our account sent out hundreds of e-mails to people offering to hook them up with some fine Canadian Viagra. Did I mention that I had many, many school contacts in there from various volunteer stuff I've done? Yeah, well I did. I can only imagine how many Lake Country parents are sitting around tonight thinking, "Huh. Who knew? I thought they were lesbians." So, if you got spam from me - I apologize. Please know that if I was going to give you something from Canada, I would give you a maple leaf...or a moose...or a hockey team...or some civil rights! I can't really give you any of those things but I can give you Canadian Lesbo Twins!

Alligator from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

I am so ready for vacation.