Blah Blah Blah

It's rainy and gray here today, a good day for writing music or reading a book or sleeping. I'm not doing any of those things, though. I'm working from home but find myself wandering through the house aimlessly, pondering all the things I could do rather than plowing through the things I should do. I haven't been terribly productive lately. I should have finished the laundry yesterday but I downloaded karoake versions of Lady GaGa songs instead.

I should have done some writing last night but I colored sugar instead. I didn't even know this was possible until my faithful friend, The Internet, showed me the way.

I should clean the gerbil cage tonight but I will, most likely, photograph peeps instead.

All that stuff in italics I wrote earlier today. I couldn't even finish a blog post! Today, unable to face having to wash an extra dish, I ate leftover enchiladas from the pan. From the freakin' pan, people! That is so wrong on so many levels. Next thing you know, I'll be drinking milk out of the carton and wiping my mouth on my sleeve. Rather than dwell on all that I haven't done, I've decided to recount what I have done in the past few days to see if it makes me feel better. I have fed and watered the children. I ran them all over town. I wrote this for Grace the Spot. I learned to color sugar which I find very exciting but Miguel gives only a 1 on the excitement scale. I put a load of sheets in the wash (I haven't put them in the dryer but we're not dwelling, NOT dwelling!). I took out the recycling. I washed 4, 016 dirty dishes. I vacuumed and picked up the house. I also worked. Oh...and I wrote this very horrible blog post! Hey...I am feeling a little bit better - I did do some things. 

So, I'm calling it a day and hoping that this post helped clear the way for more creative and thoughtful posts to come.