IMG00122So, I have decided that the best way to get back into blogging is to get back into blogging! I am a total genius! In that spirit, I am going to worry a little less about what I'm writing. Who wants more sub-par blog posts? You do! I'm going to focus on the positive and when I veer into dangerously negative territory, I am going to throw virtual confetti in the air and shout, "HOORAY!" Are you ready? I know I am, by golly.

Today's post will be a little random because my mind is a little random. [HOORAY! {confetti}] Everyone loves a little random now and then so I'm just going to go with it.

I've mentioned that we live in Powderhorn Park which is this funky little 'hood in south Minneapolis. It's a great place and I love it. I can't imagine living anywhere else except for when the sun hasn't shined in days and I can't feel my damn feet. [HOORAY! {confetti}] Part of what makes the neighborhood so amazing is that it is filled with creative whackadoodles, people that imagine and create quirky events for the rest of the neighborhood. Well, one such even was held in the park last weekend - the Art Sled Rally. I've never actually been to this and we had some scheduling conflicts so couldn't go this year either. However, I did grumpily lumber over to the park with the children after it was all over [HOORAY! {confetti}] and arrived in time to see the calling of the animals. There were four giant animals made of everyday stuff like plastic and old christmas ornaments and broken vases and wood. They were roused from hibernation by the crowd and converged on the frozen lake where the event organizers set a bunch of Christmas trees on fire. I was hoping that it would blaze with such intensity that it would melt through the ice and fall through but my friends were afraid that, if that happened, we would all fall in too and freeze to death. [HOORAY! {confetti}] Well, the fire was huge but it didn't burn through the ice which was slightly disappointing but probably for the best because there were a few hundred people standing on the ice next to it. You can check out my blurry blackberry pictures from the event here.

I thought I'd share two other blurry oddities with you as well - my children. [HOORAY! {confetti}] I have no idea what the hell they were talking about but they are funny little people. Enjoy!

Alrighty, we made it through a post. Now, who's going to clean up all this confetti because it makes such a huge mess?! [HOORAY! {confetti}] Damn. There it goes again.