New Music

A little over two years ago, Luisa bought me an iPod for my birthday and essentially changed my life forever. Dramatic? Maybe...but, most of the time, it feels like the absolute truth. Music comforts and inspires me. It is quite simply the best therapy out there. I take my iPod with me wherever I go. I listen in the car, at my desk, during the kids' swim lessons. I listen while cooking, while cleaning, while writing. I'm always looking for new music, new voices that speak to me. While I was watching Season 3 of The L Word, I heard a song by Amy Cook called "A Million Holes in Heaven". It was a rough little track that was actually recorded outside but I loved the imagery of the song and downloaded it. When my mother was dying, there was something in that song that soothed me. It reminded me of time spent at my mother's cabin, of cold beer on hot summer nights, of watching storms come in across the lake. I listened to it on repeat for the 10 days that my mother lay dying in Kansas City while I was in Minneapolis. That song helped me get through it, though I'm not sure how or why. The ways in which we cope with the hard parts of life are often shrouded in mystery.

Amy Cook is coming out with a new album sometime this spring but she is offering a free download of one of the songs on her website. The song is called "Hotel Lights" and it is beautiful. Patty Griffin sings back-up vocals which is an added gift.  So, head on over to her site and get yourself a free song!