Fashion Fail Friday

You ever have one of those days when you show up at work and realize that you thought you put on your brown boots that go with your brown shirt and your brown belt only to find out that you put on your black shoes instead and then you go to meet with your supervisor and she tells you that your fly is open and then you go back to your desk and remember with horror that you must be wearing white socks because you always wear white socks with your boots and that means that you are wearing white socks with your black shoes and you look like you are heading out to a sock hop to meet up with t-birds? No? Just me? The exact coversation with my supervisor went like this:

Supervisor (hushed): Your fly is open.

Vikki: What did you say?

Supervisor (louder): Your fly is open.

Vikki: Oh my god! I'm glad I was wearing underwear.

Supervisor: Yeah. Me too.

Clearly, I've lost my mind so I think I should just go home and get back into bed. I could drink coffee all day and play Wizard 101 and no one would be subjected to the mess that I am. Either that or I should apply medicinal nachos. I guess I'll try that first.









Let's have some fun - provide your own caption for this photo in the comments!

Have a nice weekend and may your shoes match your belt and your fly remain zipped!