The Unseen Albums

Photo albums are always filled with pictures of smiling children and adults. We document family vacations and special occasions so that we can remember them in a certain way and that "way" involves warm embraces, laughter and mirth. ('s the time of the year when we can use mirth willy nilly). So, what about the pictures that we don't put in our albums? What about the dirty look little Johnny shot Aunt Martha that just happened to have been caught on film? What about the completely unphotogenic picture you took of your child/sister/partner/parent? What about the horrible picture someone took of you? Sure...a lot of those end up on Facebook but most languish somewhere in the hard drives of computers across the land. I thought of this as I was looking at pictures of the kids taken in recent years and I said to myself, "Self, you should share a few of these pictures with the internet...especially since they aren't pictures of you." So, that's what I am going to do. Enjoy some of the Best of the Worst of the Reich-Brandão Family and Friends! IMG_2320

Is this a hug? Are they wrestling? Is Zeca biting Miguel? All possibilities...


Someone's in trouble and I'm pretty sure it was was whoever was taking the picture.


Miguel, Augie, Luca and Zeca after they rubbed the chimnea. Every single look is priceless, including the look on the bottom half of Luisa's face.
















Hmmm...what can you say about this one? 


That's his serious case you were wondering.


Pictured: Zeca, Not Pictured: The fire she breathed

Photo albums should reflect real life - maybe I'll be keeping all these after all.