The Case of the Giant Mess

When I am tired - really, really tired - you know what I like to do? Move furniture. That's right - I like to make a complete mess of my house. It's so relaxing. dining room table









Luisa in a cabinet

We decided to move our TV/Stereo cabinet from the living room into our back room. There are so many cords in there it's like an electrical Medusa crawled inthe cabinet and died. It's all disconnected and the big pieces have been moved but everything has to be reconnected. So, I'm sitting on the couch blogging while Luisa does mysterious and magical things with our media stuff. How long do you think I can sit here on the computer while she toils? She hasn't called for me yet. Maybe I should get some cookies and milk and settle in for the night. Maybe she won't notice my absence. I have a feeling I'm supposed to be doing something else while she's dealing with the cords. Like maybe I'm supposed to be cleaning the big dusty spot where the cabinet was and then moving the leather chair into that corner. Or maybe I am supposed to vacuuming or dusting or organizing. I don't know. Right now, I'm hiding out.

I'm not sure why we had to do this tonight. I blame Luisa. And Haiti. For some reason, I think this has something to do with Christmas trees and the fact that Luisa is leaving for Haiti in a week. All I know for sure is that the house is a disaster when we were supposed to be cleaning in preparation for our Thanksgiving guests. I'm hoping that no one minds eating turkey and potatoes surrounded by dusty CD's and DVD's because I might not get the table cleared in time.

Update 1: Things are reconnected and the cable is not working. Uh oh.

Update 2: We pushed the cable cord down the hole in the living room floor and nailed the trim back in and everything has been moved and reconnected. There is no going back but the cable doesn't work. I have a vague recollection that, when the addition was built, I told the guy to put a cable outlet in the wall but not to connect it. Luisa would like to know what I was thinking when I made that decision. Me too.

Update 3: Seriously. Why would I tell the guy that? Rather than embrace the possibility that I made a poor decision, I'm going to blame the guy. He didn't connect it and he should have. It's so hard to get good help. He probably failed to connect my cable and then ran Haiti.