The Calm Before

The house is clean. Zeca helped clean the bathroom and Miguel vacuumed the stairs. The turkey parts are simmering with 1/2 a bottle of white wine so that we can make gravy tomorrow. Luisa rubbed the turkey olive oil and herbs and it is resting on its laurels in the fridge. Miguel is at Raquel and Susan's house watching the documentary "All That Remains" to balance out Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special. Zeca is in the back room playing a game with Luisa that involves Portuguese vocabulary and I'm sitting here feeling quite calm and ready to host Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'm not accustomed to feeling calm. I'm usually worried or harried or anxious. Not today. I can't help but think that these few days away from work have done wonders for my mental health. Maybe if I quit my job, I'd be calm all the time. Or, maybe, I'm just having a good day. I'm going to make this a short one so that I can go hang out with Luisa and Zeca. Good night to y'all.