Seating Diagrams to Follow

I don't dwell on the eventual end to this crazy ride but I'll admit that sometimes I think about my funeral. I try to imagine who would be there to celebrate my life and what people might say. I think about the music and the montage - I love a good montage. I've even thought about selecting some photos to be used and tucking them away in a special folder. So, basically, I'm just really controlling. Don't worry though, I wouldn't tell you where to sit or what to wear. Well, except, I really don't think you should wear plaid. It's very rarely flattering and I want you all to look good. So...yeah...I'm controlling. A couple weeks ago, Luisa and I were driving around and a song came up on the iPod and I turned it up and said, "You should play this at my funeral or use it in the montage". She turned it off immediately and said that she didn't want to hear some song I'd chosen for my funeral. She can be such a buzz kill. This is why someone else will have to handle the montage. I am not fascinated by death and I certainly hope that I'm around for a very long time. That doesn't mean, however, that it never crosses my mind and when it does, I plan. The interesting thing about allowing yourself to think about death is that you realize fully what is most important to you in life. When you imagine who will be at your funeral, you are placing value on the people in your life and claiming those important to you. When you imagine what people will say, you recognize what you like most about yourself and hope that others notice. When you think about a montage of your life, you recall the moments that meant the most to you. As for the music, we all have a soundtrack to our lives...those songs that speak to us in ways that we can't begin to explain. When it's all said and done, I just know that I'd love to be able to say, "That Don't Worry Me Now".