Queer Baby Makin'

AndbabymakesmoreWhenever I get the chance, I like to support my fellow bloggers and I have the chance to do that right now. Susan Goldberg, one of our Susan commenters here at Up Popped A Fox, just launched a new anthology called "And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families". Here's a little blurb from Insomniac Press: "A quirky, funny, and occasionally heartbreaking collection of personal essays, this book offers an intimate look at the relative risks and unexpected rewards of queer, do-it-yourself baby-making, and the ways in which families are re-made in the process."

I have not read the book since it won't be released here in the states until Spring but what's not to love about Queer and Quirky? So, check out the info at Insomniac Press here and spread the word!