Do you know how to guarantee that one of your children will be struck by illness? You plan to spend the day alone with your partner while the children are at school. This is fail-proof. Or a superpower that Luisa and I have. Veteran's Day is the one day a year that we both thank our lucky stars for being public servants. Both of us have the day off but the kids have school. So, we had planned to go shopping for clothes today...because we haven't really bought clothes since our children were born and are basically wandering the streets of Minneapolis in tatters. Zeca woke up saying she didn't feel well but she had no temperature so we sent her on to school. We then went shopping. Luisa bought some jeans and then headed to Best Buy where Luisa kicked my ass at Wii ping pong. Then, we went to the Mall of Shame and, just as we were perusing some lovely PJ's at Hanna Andersson, Luisa's phone rang - Zeca had a fever. That was it. We picked her up and hauled her into the doctor's office where she was diagnosed with H1N1. She spent the afternoon on the couch moaning and throwing up raisins. Too much information? Perhaps. I did want to share one little nugget. In our brief time at the mall, I saw the following t-shirt at the Barbie store (Yes, Barbie store - don't even get me started):

Ken Shirt










The shirt reads: "Everyone needs a Ken!" I'm always impressed with t-shirts slogans that can offend hets and lesbos alike.