Lickers vs. Non-lickers

Today, LookyDaddy wondered aloud (that's what I think Twitter is, basically) if people have tried licking a 9 volt battery. It seemed unfathomable to me that there exists in this world a person who hasn't licked a 9 volt battery. So, I responded with the following: Eventually, lists were created: lickers and non-lickers.

This reminded me of the something that happened to a friend of mine awhile back and by "friend" I, of course, mean me. I was sitting in my car and, as I was getting ready to connect my iPod to the iTrip (plugged into the cigarette lighter thingamabob), it slipped from my hand and into my coffee. I couldn't connect it to my iPod covered in coffee. So, I instinctually put it into my mouth. I licked it. I sucked it. I shocked the hell out of my tongue.

Tonight, Luisa and I were talking about this and she was arguing that no one would put the live end of an iTrip into his or her mouth. I think she knows nothing about human nature and I think she might be a tad jealous of my level head in a crisis. So, I said I was going to turn it over to the fine readers of this blog.

1)Are you a 9 volt licker or no?

2)How would you have handled the Great iTrip Crisis of 2009?