Fly Fishing

I don't talk about my job very much here. I hear you all asking, "Vikki, why is that?" Who doesn't want to hear about bed bugs and elderly people without pants? Right? I don't write about work because of confidentiality and because I've found that people outside of the field don't always appreciate the gallows humor. More than anything, however, I don't talk about my work because people inevitably say things like, "You're a saint" or "I could never do what you do" or, in rare circumstances, "Thank god for people like you". I honestly don't feel that any of those things apply. I make a lot of jokes about my job and call myself the Jovial Slacker. I wasn't always this way, though. I remember a bygone era when I enjoyed going to work and felt like I could actually make a difference. Today, I went to the mailbox to get an elderly woman's mail and it felt like the most productive thing I've done all year. That's really sad. The truth is that my job is hard and I'm sometimes quite good at it but, mostly, I wish that I was doing something else, like fly fishing. I don't know how to fly fish but I'm a quick learner and am willing to give it a try if someone will pay me. I'd also be interested in the position of Coffee-drinking Internet Chatter. Sadly, I already have that job and it appears to be a volunteer position. I've been doing Adult Protection investigations for almost 13 years now and, finally, I know what burnout is because I'm living it. People try to dress up burnout in fancy clothes. They call it "compassion fatigue" and other such things but, no matter what you call it, it ain't pretty. Intellectually, I know my job is a good gig. I'm paid well and have good benefits. That has always been enough. Lately, I'm not so sure. So what's a lowly public servant to do? Well, I'm not sure just yet but I started with taking some time off. I'm off all next week for no good reason. That makes me pretty damn happy! That makes this the best Friday ever! Exclamation point extravaganza! You know what else makes me happy? Good people in really bad clothes. Thanks to Kelly, I have that too:











The 70's were such cruel years. Have you ever noticed that nearly everyone wore some version of the color rust back in those days? If no one was wearing the color, the room decor had it. Sometimes, you hit the rust jackpot - like in this picture.  There were black and white photos in the 50's and 60's and rust-colored photos in the 70's. Go look at your own family photos from that time - I guarantee that rust will be well represented. This family portrait is priceless and, of course, I covet Kelly's jumpsuit. I'll let her tell you what she was wearing under it.

Have a good weekend! I know I will - I don't go back to work until the 30th!