End of Days

Quick! Look out your window! You just might see the horsemen of the apocalypse...or a middle-aged woman lumbering to the gym. Yes, my friends, it has come to this. Once again, I have decided to get in shape. "Once again" - that implies that all those other times it didn't really work...which is true. And kinda sad. I want to be in shape. I want to see little muscles here and there. If I ever do get muscular, I'll make you look and touch and show appropriate awe. Then, after you are thoroughly impressed, I'll probably rip a phone book in half or pick up a car just because I can.  Don't worry about the looking and touching, though. It's a long shot. I can pinpoint the reason for my prior gym failure - I hate to exercise. I don't get that "high" that everyone talks about. It doesn't do anything for my mental health. It doesn't help me manage stress. It's simply a time during which I sweat (which I don't enjoy) and breathe funny (which I don't enjoy either). Luisa enjoys exercising and feels like she needs to do it to combat her moodiness. I think she said that second part or maybe I just say that in my head and it has leaked out onto this virtual page. Time will reveal the truth. Luisa is playing in a women's soccer league right now. Miguel loves to exercise. One time, he'd been quietly in his room for awhile (quiet doesn't happen very often with him) so I went upstairs to check on him. I opened the door and he was shirtless doing push-ups on his bedroom floor. I was like, "Oh...he's going to be one of those guys". He's also in winter training for his soccer team. Zeca is still a wild card. She is very strong and capable but she doesn't always have the drive to push herself. I wonder where she gets that from? Well, let's not dwell on that. Recently, however, she has showed an interest in martial arts. She took a little sampler class and loved it. So, we signed her up. How cute is she?









Knowing Zeca's love for color, I'm pretty sure she'll stick it out long enough to earn a different colored belt.

I felt like it was time for me to get my ass off the couch and go to the gym. We'll see how it goes. If I continue to hate it, maybe I'll just quit and lay about...waiting for the horsemen to give me a ride.