British Beer through the Ages

BeerLast night, we spent the evening tasting British beers and learning a little history. There were 8 beers...Porters, Stouts, October beer, India Pale Ale, Wee Heavy - heck, I can't remember everything that we tried. That blurry picture to the left shows off the various colors of all the beers. Everything that we tasted was brewed by our friends, Brian, Aaron and Laura. I wish that I could remember all of the historical pieces that we heard but there was the drinking and the eating of bleu cheese dip so, you know, I can't. It was a great night with friends, food, and - the real stars of the show - beautifully brewed beers. You know what's better than a great night like the one I just described? Getting up at 6 a.m. the next morning to loud children who decided to help themselves to breakfast. Let's just say that we came downstairs to a jelly slick.