Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Long-term relationships can be difficult. You fall into patterns. You take each other for granted. Little things annoy you more than they should. Sometimes, you even imagine that life might be easier if you just ended it. And then? You wake up seven years later and are forced by desire or circumstances to take a break and it’s frightening. Everything you have known is gone and suddenly you gain something that has been lacking - perspective. You begin to reflect and, sometimes, you see yourself differently…see your own imperfection staring back at you.  This happened to me recently…with my car. 

Wrecking my Saturn forced me into an unholy union with a Kia Spectra.  A shiny, silver Kia that smelled of Febreeze and had virtually no sound proofing in the interior. You know a car is loud when you are driving on the highway and your 4 year old says, “Mama, are the doors open?” "No, honey. We are simply driving a tin can at breakneck speed." After a week long separation, I have now been reunited with my Saturn which I had previously taken for granted. I wanted to write an ode to the Vue but had a horrible realization - I don't know how to write in iambic pentameter. Me! The Queen of Haiku, The Mistress of Limericks! It's scandalous. So, please accept this limerick instead:

On My Saturn Vue

I once thought that you were too loud

I mocked you - of that, I'm not proud

Now, I see that you're purty

Even when dirty

I'll declare this to a large crowd

When I climbed back into my car after some time away, the seat felt just write and it didn't smell like Febreeze. It did, however, smell strangely of bananas but I can live with that. I also had to face the truth about myself - I am not always respectful to the Vue. There are gum wrappers everywhere. The dash is dusty and there are coffee stains in the cup holders. The back seats are covered in crumbs and mysterious dark spots. Oh, Vue. I am so sorry. I promise, in the near future, I will have you detailed. Consider this my vow to you.