Batty for Fashion Friday

Last night, I had a dream that I went to visit a lab. In it, there was a large room full of bats. Many bats.  The room was set to a cold temperature to simulate winter and the bats were hibernating. I sat outside the room watching them through a big picture window as they had their batty little naps. Then, I had to go do some Very Important wander around outside looking for a gas station (even though I didn't have a car). Some time passed and I realized that I had to return to the bat room to retrieve something from inside the room. I went back to find that the thermostat had been changed and the room had warmed, so, the bats were all waking up. You know what this means? It means I had to go into the room with a kabillion refreshed bats. The bat room was dark and I sat outside considering my options. Should I turn on the light before going into the room so that I could see the item to be retrieved and see the bats coming at me or should I leave at dark so that the bats were more at ease and less likely to flap around in a light-induced haze? I didn't want to be bitten because of The Rabies. It's quite the dilemma, isn't it? What would you do? You have to go in so do you go in with the light on or off? I'll wait to tell you what I did. We haven't had a Fashion Friday in awhile but I can guarantee that we will have one every Friday in November. So, today, we have a picture of Lula's daughter sent all the way from Belgium! 

The Munchkin










I have not an ounce of snark in me on this one. She's put together quite an outfit of pinks and purples. Did you see those tricked out shoes? They really tie it all together. You know what the best part of the picture is, though? The attitude. Absolutely.

I was going to wish you all a happy weekend but then remembered that I'll be writing on the weekend too. So, good night and may your dreams be full of sparkly shoes and free from bats.