I left work yesterday and drove south on 4th Avenue South and right into a taxi going east on South 8th Street. The particulars of the accident aren't important but the kids weren't with me and no one was hurt. My car took enough damage for both cars. This is the problem with owning a car made of plastic - the damage is always dramatic. IMG00061








On the upside, when you wreck a plastic car, it's like a picnic. When it's all over, you pack up your plastic ware and drive home.










Yes - that is the front end of my car staring out from the back end of my car. Surreal, no? After the accident, Luisa quickly arrived on the scene and, within minutes, had contacted the mechanic, body shop and insurance company. We then borrowed a hammer from a bystander and banged out the last two plastic bolts that were holding the bumper onto the front of the car. We unplugged all of the lights, threw everything in the boot and I drove directly to the body shop.

Within a couple of hours, we had a rental car and life returned to normal. Thanks to Luisa. She is a problem-solving dynamo. Everyone should have a Luisa. In fact, I'm going to start cloning her and selling her on eBay. That's how I will make my millions!

So, now I'm driving a Kia Sephia that smells like Febreeze because, apparently, the accident wasn't punishment enough.