The Magic of the Internet

The Internet makes you do funny things like... your little heart out the details of your lunch on Facebook and Twitter pictures of your bruised toe ...make comments on someone's Halloween costume, new car, new baby, new potatoes

Of course, The Internet provides many other edifying opportunities like watching gerbil pirates. I hear you can also find news on the internet but I'm not sure why you'd read the news when there are GERBIL PIRATES!

I've been blogging for close to four years now and I'm slowly realizing that it's changed me. Not in any dramatic ways but in little ways that matter. I "talk" to you all here, to people on Twitter, to Facebook friends and to other blog readers on blogs in other blogular lands and I think this has made me a bit more socially competent and, dare I say, a teeny tiny bit more extroverted. You want evidence of this, don't you? I have evidence, alright:

Last weekend, I went out for drinks with someone I had never met.

For this self-proclaimed socially awkward introvert, that's a pretty big deal. What is even more shocking is that I had a fabulous time and didn't feel like a weirdo at all. Who knew this was possible?!

I met up with Grace Underfire, one of the bloggers for Grace the Spot, who was in Minneapolis for the weekend to do some beer tasting. We went to the Town Hall Brewery where I had this:

Seasonal Sampler








I didn't take notes but the first one was some sort of pale ale, the second was a pumpkin ale, the third one was mango mama, and the fourth one was some other kind of ale (details, details). The fifth one was a cask something or other and it was gross which is why I look at that picture and wonder why the hell that is the only empty glass. I probably treated it like brussel sprouts and got it out of the way first. Sure, I could have left it unfinished but there are people in Kansas who have NO good beer. I drank it for them.

I had a great time and realized that maybe, just maybe I'm changing. I have all of you to thank for that.


p.s. Check out my most recent post on Grace the Spot - Lesbian Madlibs! Fun for everyone...even straight people!

p.p.s. Posting continues to be light but I will be doing NaBloPoMo again this year and you know what that means, don't ya? That's right...a post every day of November.

p.p.s. You know how you think that having cookies for breakfast is a really good idea? Yeah...well, it's not. I felt like I should leave you with some good advice.