Tagline Poll

I have no choice but to address the controversy created by the last post. First of all, it is true that Anthony is the author of the tagline that was chosen by our panel of judges. We, the judges, love Anthony dearly but he is so darn successful at everything he does that we couldn't bear to annoint him the winner of this contest. So, to have a little fun with him, we decided to give credit for the tagline to someone else. The record has now been set straight.

Secondly, I really wanted people to love the tagline. Love it, like want to take it to bed and rub up against it on cold, winter nights. Unfortunately, there have been some strong negative reactions to it and now I have doubt...and terrible reflux. As a result, I have created a poll and am going to ask all of you readers to vote for your favorite of the top 5 taglines. I know that I am bending the rules of the original contest but what can I say? This is a police state and, though the children are often in charge, I'm am taking control today.

So, take a moment to vote! The poll will close on September 21 at 5 p.m.