Tagging and Mugging

Have you all completely lost interest in the tagline contest after all the conflict? I will admit that I had...until last night when I started designing the prize. First things first though - the results (I'm starting with last place first because I aspire to be like a beauty pageant): 5. Where the booze flows like a river and the chilren play by themselves 4. Perfecting the art of the non-sequitur since 2006 3. Because everyone loves a cautionary tale 2. It's an up-slide climb

...and the winner is...

1. Where lez is more

The people have spoken and, apparently, they speak lez. Anthony is our winner...again! This is fitting given that the judges originally chose his entry as well. So what has Anthony won? Tell him Johnny!

Anthony has won a beautiful coffee mug adorned with this little blog's name and the winning tagline. I'm sure you are all dying to know what the fabulous mug looks like and, because I am a benevolent blogger, I am going to show you:











I will also be sending one of these out to Eliza who won the camp contest. She only declined a prize because she thought I was going to send her dryer lint. Regardless about your feelings about the tagline, I think we can all agree that these coffee mugs are much better than dryer lint.

Also, if you click on the picture above it will take you to a magical place where you can order a mug for yourself. Do not feel obligated to buy a mug. Seriously, I would have to sell a kabillion of them to make enough money to buy a single cup of tea. I'm simply offering them up in case you need to contemplate foxes and lezzies while drinking your morning coffee.

This tagline contest taught me a lot. Seriously. It reminded me that I a people pleaser at heart which is not always a good thing because, at times, it limits my creativity. I spend too much time (in life and in writing) worrying about what others will think of me. I need to learn to be bold, to be unafraid of ruffling a few zombie canary feathers. I'm going to work on that and I thank you all for the lesson.