Taglines. Everybody is asking about taglines. A few of you have asked in the comments. Some have asked me on Facebook. I even had someone approach me while I was grocery shopping demanding to know if a tagline had been chosen in the Great Up Popped A Fox tagline contest! Okay...that's not true. No one approached me at the grocery store. The fact is that I don't even do the grocery shopping Still, it's fun to dream...about being approached by a blog reader, not about grocery shopping. Believe me - I have better dreams than that. Like last night I had a dream I was canoeing while wearing a beautiful pair of penny loafers. Danger Will Robinson - this post is getting off track. Let's get to the tagline judges...

Amy: Amy and I go way back - we went to college together. Of course, we didn't really speak back then but, still, those years should count don't you think? Amy is my favorite attorney and a very discerning blog reader.

Jennie: Jennie and I go way back - she was my resident advisor my first year at Grinnell. She made me super fatty popcorn and made fun of my shirts. She should have been fired for such behavior but, instead, grew up to be fancy. She works as the Director of Instutitional Research and Planning for a local university.

Barb: Barb and I go way back - she too went to Grinnell and we thought terrible things about each other for years, even though we'd never actually spoken. Then, we lived together and hilarity ensued. Barb is a principal, shaping young lives in this great state of ours.

Luisa: Luisa and I go way back - you already know about all that. I knew her when she was a poor grad student who used to charge her groceries on a credit card because her job as a chinese food delivery person just didn't cut it. Wait - before she calls me out on this - she charged groceries for me on her credit card because I quit a job on principle. I don't do that anymore so she keeps me around. Anyway, Luisa is an epidemiologist which has absolutely nothing to do with skin.

I was a judge too. If you need to know anything about me, see this entire blog.

So, there were a total of 55 tagline entries taken from blog comments, twitter messages and e-mail. I put each tagline into a spreadsheet and sent the spreadsheet to each of the judges. Each judge then picked their favorites. We then looked at which taglines were most often mentioned and came up with a list of the top five. The top 5 taglines were (in no particular order):

  • It's an up-slide climb
  • Perfecting the art of the non-sequitor since 2006
  • Where lez is more
  • Where the booze flows like a river and the children play by themselves
  • Because everyone loves a cautionary tale

I would like to add that this entry:

maybe...might have been a small coyote or perhaps a prairie dog, possibly a muskrat

made me laugh like a crazy woman and holds a very special place in my heart but I had to admit that it was too long for a tagline and, as a result, didn't make the cut. Still...funny stuff.

There was much discussion, a couple of leg wrestling matches and a full-out smackdown...and then we chose the following as the top 2:

  • Where lez is more
  • Perfecting the art of the non-sequitor since 2006

As we reached the bottom of our caipirinhas, we finally chose the winner though the decision was not unanimous. Without further ado, I present the new tagline:

Up Popped A Fox...where lez is more!

So...congratulations to A&J who submitted the winning entry. You will receive a prize with the tagline right there on it. I have to design the product still so patience will be required.

Thank you all for playing and I am keeping all the taglines to peruse during the dark days of winter because they were all wonderful. You are the best!