Navigating Difference - post script

I thought about the Navigating Difference post all week and the connections between that and the whole "lez" hubbub are not lost on me. We all have our wounds from the past and pain from being different in some way. I was not "out" in high school and was never targeted as queer. The word "lez" doesn't trigger anything for me and has no power over me. In fact, I have probably used every word out there to describe my lesbian self, including lezzy. This tagline business has turned into a fiasco. I blame myself more than anyone else because I hate controversy and tried to please everyone by opening up the tagline for a vote which only made things worse. I regret that and wish that I had stood by the original decision of the judges. It all started out in good fun but there are people who have been hurt or, at the very least, unsettled by the various exchanges. So, I want to say I am sorry to anyone who was offended and I want to apologize to my dear friend Anthony who was very much put on the spot in this whole ordeal. Anthony and I have known each other for many years (he knew me when I was a baby lez) and he is family (in every sense of the word). I asked him to contribute, truly appreciated his entry and feel badly that he was forced into a defensive position. All of this has reminded me that I am such a Libra. I like to think of my blog as a "feel good" blog. I like to entertain you all and, when it sparks good conversation, that is icing on the cake. I do not think the tagline controversy has made anyone feel good. For that reason, I am closing commentson the taglines posts now and I am asking everyone to refrain from debating the matter further. The poll will remain open until 9/21/09 as planned.