Friday Thinks It's All That

Friday gets so much attention. People are always thanking god for it so I suspect that Friday suffers from a healthy sense of self. Everybody loves Saturday and Sunday too because they are so Fun and so Relaxing! Friday, Saturday and Sunday suck up most of the weekday love which makes me feel sorry for the rest of the days of the week. I guess Wednesday gets a lot of positive attention for being “hump day”, half-way to the beloved weekend. The thing about Wednesday is that it can be overly optimistic in that totally fake way. It's all, “Hey! You’ve made it to the middle of the week! Good for you!” but then it goes home at night and drinks Nyquil while eating Chips-Ahoy cookies in bed. Even Monday gets some glory because it is so maligned. Everyone hates Monday but negative attention is still attention and Monday revels in it. Monday is totally badass and smokes ciggies in the schoolyard while shouting insults at the band kids. Tuesdays and Thursdays get the least attention. Thursday is like the weird guy who gets invited to parties because his cool friend, Friday, always shows up shortly after…with booze. Thursday wears plaid bell bottoms and is overly affectionate but everyone is still like, “HELLO THURSDAY!” I kinda feel sorry for Thursday because I don’t think it knows that people are only using it to get to Friday. That leaves Tuesday. Poor Tuesday sits there between reviled Monday and perky Wednesday. Nobody cares about Tuesday but it doesn’t really care. It just hangs out, doing its own thing. Tuesday is the smart kid with the dry sense of humor that makes all the cheerleaders laugh and makes the best lab partner because it brings the funny to dissection.  Wow. I think I might be watching too much Glee.

Fridays usually bring fashion here at Up Popped A Fox but I had some technical problems getting pictures from Facebook and I need to get a bit more information about the picture I received via e-mail. Yesterday was picture day at the kids’ school and, as I contemplated their outfits and hair, I remembered my own school pictures and shuddered. I wanted to post the picture taken of me in kindergarten but my damn scanner is broken. I’ll try to post it someday though because it is a horror classic. What makes it so awful? I have one word for you (and it is one word) -  rickrack. 

But, alas, there is no Rickrack Fabulous for you today. So, I had to find something else for us to ogle and mock and I found an embarrassment of riches. Check out Ellen’s gallery of Bad School Photos and Bad Paid For Photos. Those pics will bring a tear to your eye. 

Have a great weekend y’all and may your eyes be open and your mouth be closed when you’re photographed! Until next week, peace out...

Little Miguel