Fashion Friday

I am so ready for Friday. This week, I had to smell a lot of dog and cat urine while on the job which is not something I count among the perks of social service. I try to be grateful for the work but, this week, I can only be grateful for Purell. In Purell's honor, I have crafted a haiku: Rub it on your hands Put a dab inside your nose Kill that smell, Purell!

Wow. I even made a little rhyme in my haiku. For haiku fans, we had a haiku festival at Grace the Spot and I meant to tell you all about it. The subject for every haiku was beer! Take notes while you read them because I was introduced to some lovely sounding beers that I've never heard of or tried before.

I'm feeling linky today so let me direct you to some Drew Barrymore/Ellen Page lovin'. Normally, I feel weird about actresses who kiss for the media but they are different. Maybe it's because Drew is bi and Ellen is a suspected lesbian. Maybe it's because they are kind to their lesbo fans. Or maybe it's just because they're so cute (and hot). Also, I can't wait to see Whip It! because it's got a great female cast and roller derby! Who doesn't want to see roller derby?

Lastly, I want to put in another plug for Autostraddle. I know...I know...what does "Autostraddle" even mean?! Let the name wash over you and revel in their mission instead. The site is run by a group of women who are working their assess off to bring smart and funny pop culture and political commentary to everyone. I like to support women...I like to support smart women...I especially like to support smart women who are funny. Very few blogs make money and yet many of us rely on them for news, stories, discussion and even community. I know that money is tight for everyone these days and there are many causes to support. Still, if you have a few bucks, send it their way. That is all.

On to Fashion Friday! The pictures are rolling in - this one comes from Jil.











Rio combines multiple colors and textures to create a a look that screams Shabby Chic. From the mismatched (yet vibrant) gloves to the oversized slippers, she is unafraid to march to the beat of her own drummer. The down coat and layers suggest that she is ready for the cold but her bare legs tell the world that she is a true Minnesotan and a true Minnesotan ignores the cold. Fashion First!

Have a great weekend everyone and may you all feel cozy in your fuzzy, wuzzy slippers!

p.s. "fuzzy wuzzy slippers" is a line from a TV show. Who will name that show first?