Fashion Friday

Well, looky there! I took a little blogging vacation this week. I didn't intend to do it but every time I sat down to write I got distracted by something else. So many distractions! Here is a sampling... Monday: Minnesota State Fair, soccer practice, shoe shopping Tuesday: First day of school Wednesday: Lovely Brazilian feast at our friends' house (Brigadeiros!) Thursday: Soccer game Every single day: The Internets

That last one deserves a little more explanation. Grace the Spot unveiled a fabulous redesign. Go check it out (and check out my bio too). There is also an interesting discussion abouth health care via personal accounts going on over at Autostraddle.

Also, I have to admit that it took me way too long to do those little graphics in the sidebar for e-mail, Twitter and Grace the Spot. I am too embarrassed to tell you just how long it took me but it took me somewhere between five minutes and a lifetime (hint: closer to lifetime than five minutes).  Hopefully, I'll be back in writin' form next week.

Now, let us get to Fashion Friday. The pictures are starting to roll in - keep 'em coming! This week we have a photo from Ali B. of Cleaner Plate Club fame.  Let me begin by saying that the fashion of the 80's was so very distinct.

Ali's Prom Picture










That's Ali on the left, all dressed up for prom. Taken in the woodsy surrounds, this picture suggests a country girl - one who perhaps had, only moments earlier, been tending the animals for her evil stepmother. Ali resists traditional heels and goes with white flats but bows to tradition with her white pearls and white wrist corsage. She boldly chose a strapless gown which says, "Hey! I'm not afraid that my boobs are going to fall out?" The confidence this conveys is reinforced by her hair that is rather tame by 80's standards. This image is a study in contrasts and captures the essence of a young woman blazing her own trail of outdoorsy femininity.

Have a great weekend everyone and may your fairy godmothers grant all of your wishes!

ETA: Several people have asked me about the tagline contest and if a winner has been chosen. I have put all of the entries into an Excel spreadsheet (Luisa is not the only one with skills!) and, once I have finalized my list of judges, will be sending it out to them. I will likely announced the winning entry towards the end of the month.