Spotted in the Wild

CampMiguel has been at camp for 8 days and our house has been quiet for the first time in 8 years. We can't help but wonder what he is up to and have been searching the pictures the camp posts each day for clues. We saw a couple pictures of him during the first two days but had seen nothing since then. We started to wonder if he'd made a break for it and was living in the wilds of northern Minnesota, eating roots and berries and practicing his loon call. Then, today, we spotted him in the group photo pictured here. We would recognize that unruly hair anywhere. There are two  interesting things about the picture. First of all, he is not wearing his Sunday Whites which, given the dress of the other campers, seems like a wise decision. There are no other British School Boys in that group and I can't help but think there would have been some mocking. Secondly, he is wearing an article of clothing that was not part of his original 88 items. So, he either bought himself a sweatshirt or he snatched one from someone else. This makes the Happy Camper Contest even more interesting. If you haven't submitted your guess, you have until Friday 8/7/09 at 12 p.m. Central Standard Time. In the meantime, we know he's alive!