Lesbian Merit Badges

Several years ago, Luisa and I decided to take a trip to the Boundary Waters to canoe and camp. Neither of us had ever done anything like that before but I was undaunted and assured her that I could figure it all out by reading a book. So, I read a book and figured out what gear we would need, planned our meals and took a class on reading a compass so that I could navigate for us. We invited a couple of other friends along and headed north. I had never portaged a canoe before. Actually, I had actually never paddled a canoe before. Details, details. I learned a lot of things the hard way during that trip. For example, I had read that you should never stand up in a canoe but interpreted that as "Most people shouldn't stand up in canoes but, Vikki, you have exceptionally good balance and are really careful so it shouldn't be an issue for you." One night, after changing into my cozy warm clothes, I got in the canoe to go for water and soon found myself lying on my back in the lake because I stood up in the canoe.

As I was sitting in the woods of northern Michigan, I thought a lot about that trip to the Boundary Waters. I thought about the mistakes I made and it inspired my most recent post for Grace the Spot. Go check it out so that you too can earn your Lesbian Merit Badges (even if you aren't a lesbian).

Roughin' it - lesbo style