Fashion Friday

Miguel comes back from camp today. You might think me a bad mother but I have to say that I didn't really miss him. I thought of him often, wondering what he was up to and hoping he was having a good time but I didn't ache for him. We do not appear to be a family of piners. Whiners? Yes. Piners? Not so much. I do look forward to seeing him this afternoon and can't wait to wrap my arms around his little body and give him a squeeze. Unless he is really dirty. Or covered in ticks. Or lice, for that matter. I do have my limits. Now, onto Fashion Friday. I pulled today's photo from my own distant past. I think I'm 10 in this picture though the photo is undated. Well, actually the photo is very dated...but you know what I mean.










Where do I begin with this picture? Obviously, the eye is drawn right to that ten gallon hat sitting precariously atop my head. I remember that hat well. It was my first real cowboy hat, purchased at Nigro's Western Store which still exists to this day. And yes...I did say my first cowboy hat. There were others. Despite the headgear, I clearly knew how to put together an outfit because nothing goes with a hat like that better than overalls. Except for chaps. But I didn't know about such things back then. The choice of shirts is interesting, the tan piping providing contast to that sea of blue. I would totally wear that shirt today if I could find it in my size. Please note the two most lesbionic features of this photo (I know...there are so many it's hard to choose) - that little lightening bolt on the overalls and that clunky black watch on my left wrist. The most hilarious thing about this ensemble is that I am clearly wearing it on Christmas (see the red candle and the pine boughs in the background). Looking at this, I am surprised that my mother waited until I was 17 to start asking me if I was a lesbian.

There is no reason that I should have all the fun with Fashion Friday. I'd like y'all to join the fun (I can say "y'all" because of all those cowboy hats). So, send me pictures of your favorite fashion faux pas, outlandish outfits and eye-popping ensembles and I might make fun of them right here! That's right...I am asking for your help in mocking you! You can always thank me later. Send photos to: 

Have a good weekend and may you and your loved ones be free of parasites!