One and Other

One night last week, I was tired...had a headache...and was alone. I needed something to occupy myself that was mindless. So, I posed the following question to the universe via Twitter: 

Soon after that, Lula replied with this: 


And this, my friends is one of the many reasons I love the internet. For the next hour, I watched a woman dressed as a giant pigeon prance about in Trafalgar Square. She was oddly mesmerizing and, once Luisa returned home, I provided a running commentary of the pigeon's antics. Luisa was not interested in the pigeon lady but that didn't become perfectly clear until I exclaimed in glee, "OH MY GOD, honey! Look at her head! She looks just like a pigeon!" and she simply stared at me. She didn't even look! That night, I watched the pigeon and tweeted with Lula in Belgium and Deb in California - two people I've never met - and it was so much better than Mah Jong. 

So, what is One and Other? Basically, a person takes to the plinth every hour for 100 days and does something. It's art, ya know. I've been checking in from time to time and some of the people are boring, some are interesting and some are weird. There is something compelling about watching a person on a different continent in real time, however. It makes the world seem smaller somehow. 

The other night, a man named Tim Harris stoodon the plinth in the rain and took phone calls from around the world. I didn't catch that one live but received the following via Twitter: 


So, I watched Tim Harris' recorded performance later and, 20 minutes in, he took a call from Antwerp and who was on the other end of the line? That's right my blogging friend, Lula.

I watched as he chatted with her and then...THEN...he said "hello" to Vikki and Deb in the United States! So, in the middle of Trafalgar Square a man stood on a plinth, took a call from a woman in Antwerp who asked him to say "hello" to a woman in California and a woman in Minnesota and he did.

You can watch by using the link below (yes, I am having technical difficulty with my links).

He takes Lula's call at about 20:22 and he gives the shout out at about 22:00.

The world doesn't get much smaller than that.