Music To My Ears

Have you seen Nurse Jackie? If not, you should. Seriously, treat yourself to some Showtime or go to a friend’s house on Monday nights and watch their Showtime for free. Watch bits and pieces on YouTube or catch parts of episodes on Showtime’s web site – do what ya gotta do, people. Well, last week I was watching the show and the episode ended with Patty Griffin’s song, “When It Don’t Come Easy” and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since then. Okay, I’ve listened to a few other things in there as well but I keep coming back to that song. It is rich and real and reminds me how much I love music and why I can’t live without it. Anyway, my obsessive listening led me to wonder if other people listen to songs on repeat for hours on end. So, I had a conversation with my friend Amy over e-mail:  Vikki: If you had to guess, what is the max number of times you have listened to a song in a row? 

Amy: Listen to one song over and over and over again?  I am pretty sure that record (for me) occurred at your house when Barb and I were over for beers. I believe your IPod was stuck on one song and it probably played for well over an hour and, I'm guessing that means we listened to it 20 times. 

Yes, she’s a smarty pants. We did listen to “Fill Me Up” by Shawn Colvin on repeat for close to an hour and a half before our friend Barb said something like, “Either Shawn Colvin’s songs are all starting to sound alike or we’ve been listening to the same one all night.” You are probably in awe of my skills as a hostess right now, aren’t you? 

At various times in my life, I’ve dabbled in songwriting. I can’t say my catalogue of original music is as coveted as that of The Beatles but I have a couple that I like. Sometimes, though, I hear a song and wish that I had written it. In fact, during the summer of my discontent, I sat down to write a song and this gorgeous music started pouring out and I ran to get a pen. When I played it again, it sounded familiar and then I realized I was playing “Cry Like An Angel” by Shawn Colvin. Don’t you hate it when that happens? 

In the spirit of all this music talk, I thought it would be interesting if you all answered the following: 

1)      Do you ever listen to individual songs on repeat? (name names, people)

2)      What is your favorite song of all time?

3)      What song do you wish that you had written?

4)      What is your current favorite song?

I’m always looking for music so bring it on!