A Fashion Friday Guest

Luisa and I have been child-free this week and we have been living high on the hog. We've eaten at some of our favorite restaurants and have enjoyed the fact that there have been fewer dishes to wash. We did manage to do a few projects around the house...Luisa painted the woodwork in the upstairs hallway...I weeded the front garden and I cleaned out Zeca's room...and, today, we reorganized Zeca's room and hung curtains in our bedroom (we haven't had curtains since the bedroom was added on in 2006 - I know...pitiful). Now, we are relaxing and getting ready for a late afternoon Gin and Tonic. Tomorrow morning, we are heading to Des Moines to pick up Zeca who valiantly fought homesickness this week while we recharged our parenting batteries. Before Luisa starts pouring the drinks, let's get to Fashion Friday! This week, we have a guest fashionista. Well, since our guest is a boy I guess we would call him a "fashionisto".  This is Augie. You've seen him in many pictures here because he is Miguel's best friend (not to mention our nephew by choice). In fact, Augie is up at Camp Warren with Miguel fishing and swimming and canoeing and refusing to complete basic personal hygiene tasks. Augie has a unique fashion sense of his own as you can see in the picture below:

Augie Fashion Friday















Augie is a trail blazer. He is pictured here in a sage colored t-shirt which draws out the color of the vertical lines of his shorts. He wears the plaid cargo shorts with confidence and the pocket flaps are open lending a carefree feel to the entire ensemble. Augie makes the bold choice of wearing argyle socks that clash with the rest of the outfit, reclaiming the 80's and sending a message of rugged individualism. This outfit screams "I march to the beat of my own drummer" and the look on his face says, "You gotta problem with that?"

Have a great weekend!