Factory Seconds

This post has a small stain on the back and a misplaced seam on the side. No one liked the color – sea foam green goes with so little. It comes with accessories that don’t match and odds and ends that have no other place.  Speaking of factories, you know that scene from “An Officer and a Gentleman” when Richard Gere walks in and saves Debra Winger from her dead end job? Yeah, I need that. I would be Debra Winger, of course, and Luisa would be Richard Gere. We’d be wearing our own clothes, though, because I don’t really want to look like a newsboy and Luisa looks really hot in black so I would advise against the all white ensemble. She would come in to my workplace (because my job is not much different than factory work) and lead me out by the hand. I know…she should carry me for the full effect but I’ve put on a  few pounds because it turns out that tonic water has calories! Who knew? Oh and we would totally kiss but we'd kiss like we love each other, not like we were nibbling at popcorn. As she led me away from the drudgery, “Love Lift Us Up” would start playing but, instead of it being sung by Joe Cocker, it would be sung by some lesbian folk singer. Then, we’d live happily ever after. Of course, this can’t really happen because we have a mortgage and kids to feed but I take comfort in knowing that she would do it if she could.

Speaking of kids, Miguel did do the soccer tryouts. He changed his mind on his own. He was under the mistaken impression that we would not be going to his games if he played with a “traveling soccer team” and that combined with the fact that his buddy wouldn’t be with him was too much. Somehow, he found out that we would still be with him and it was all good. He got home from tryouts last night and said that he had “so much fun!” 

Speaking of fun, I took Zeca to the park last night and we went crazy on the teeter totter for about 20 minutes. I don’t mean to brag but I just might be the best teeter totterer ever. I had her flying high and laughing hysterically the entire time. She makes me crazy a lot of the time but watching her laugh uncontrollably was just about the best thing I’ve done in a long time. 

Speaking of time, I still feel like I don’t have enough of it. When will that feeling end? Anyone? I’m kinda sick of living the “time flies” cliché. It’s true though and I ran across a pic of Zeca that was taken in late February that I wanted to share today. So, from the Fashion Friday Vault, I present the following ensemble entitled The Mad Hatter.

IMG_2658 Zeca is wearing a floral western shirt with pearl buttons covered stylishly with a nature-themed poncho replete with bunnies and butterflies. She pairs those pieces with a stunning pair of polka dotted leggings. To top it all off, literally and figuratively, Zeca is wearing a Birthday Cake Hat that plays “Happy Birthday” when you press one of the candles. This outfit says, “Every day is a holiday!”

Until next week, I bid you adieu.