What Goes Up...

I am too tired to write. Can only manage short sentences. May not use subjects. Or verbs. Fragments run amok. A list might be helpful. Things we did this weekend:

  • Biked 21 miles on Saturday. Fell off bike. I'm fine, thanks.
  • Luisa went to Cinco de Mayo. Spoke Spanish and Swine Flu.
  • Went to the Lake Country Auction. No one would bob for crawdads with me. Plastic crawdads though live ones would have been more fun.
  • Went to the May Day Parade. Saw giant paper maché dung beetles. Felt confused.
  • Went to the May Day festival in the park. Cheered as good triumphed over evil as it does every year. Missed singing "You are my sunshine" with thousands because daughter wouldn't use the porta potties and I had to run home with her.
  • Had friends over for gin and tonics. Grilled. Had peep s'mores.
  • Gave running up the slide a second try and was successful. High on my victory, tried to surf down slide. Fell off the side. Small bruises on left bicep and right forearm. Large bruise on ego.

There you have it. Our weekend as a telegram. Stop. Not really. Stop. But kinda. Stop. To spice this up a bit and make you feel like you are getting your money's worth, pictures! Yay for pictures!