Fashion Friday #2

Posting has been a little light around here the past couple of weeks. Let's just say that May has been kickin' my ass. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and I haven't quite figured out how to make time for everything. If my blog is my baby, I've been changing diapers and offering it a boob once in awhile for nourishment but I haven't had time to cuddle, bounce it on my knee and make googoo sounds at it while tickling its chin. Poor baby blog. Maybe next week. That said, who is up for some fashion? Zeca has been busy with the transition to her spring line of clothing. She continues to explore multiple patterns as well as fabrics. In this ensemble, Zeca began with a Hanna Andersson tank dress and topped it with a western style cotton shirt with inlaid pearl buttons. To tie the outfit together (literally), she used a satin scarf adorned with bold geometric shapes as a belt. Please note the large bow in the back, requested by the designer herself. 











What do I say about this last picture? It was taken at the designer's request. Sometimes, artists confound.