The Up Popped A Fox Giveaway

Do you ever watch the Academy Awards?  Well, back in the days of old, they would open the envelope and say, "And the winner is..." and then say the winner's name. At some point, they began to worry about the self-esteem of the non-winners (we shall not say "losers") and began to say, "And the Oscar goes to..." because then there were no winners and losers...only people who received an award and those who did not. I'm guessing that if the award goes to someone other than you, you still feel like you lost, no matter what wording they use, but that's just me. Well, we don't have any fragile Hollywood egos around here, right? We can handle a word like "winners"! Am I right? Hell yeah. So, let's announce our winners for the Up Popped A Fox Giveaway.  There were 27 entries and each name was written on a piece of cardstock. All of the pieces of cardstock were cut to the same size and folded in the exact same manner. These cardstocky nubbins were then placed in a bowl and mixed lovingly by my own hand. Miguel was selected to draw the name and I told him to choose one from the bowl but Luisa stopped us and said that she thought I was giving away a CD and a DVD. Due to this confusion, we decided to draw two names.  Miguel then drew the names and the winners are... 

Julie in Arizona


Blue Milk in Australia! 

I have sent e-mails to both winners and asked for their choice of prize. Should either of them decide that they do not want the prize, we will draw another name. 

Thank you all for participating and, once again, thank you for reading Up Popped A Fox. May the Great Zombie Canary bless you with boob mallards and may your cup runneth over with persimmon martinis.