Peep Week Round-Up

Peep Week 2009What a week we had here at Up Popped A Fox! I don't know about you but I'm exhausted and have ingested enough peeps for one year (probably enough for five years). I want to thank all of you for getting into the spirit of things and for commenting. As I've said before, I love comments...they are yummy food pellets for my inner lab rat. So, I thought I'd highlight some of the peep-related items you all found and posted in the comments and also throw in a couple of pictures that readers sent to me.  Kelly in Oregon sent me this picture of a peep latte with the following message:

I was mentioning your exploits to our barista and in your honor this week she is serving Peep Lattes(vanilla latte with yellow peep for purists) and Peep Mochas (mint chocolate with green peeps).   Here's a picture of one in my "morning has broken, coffee can fix it"  travel cup.....  and I don't even like lattes! 

 Peep Latte






Diana posted a link to an article about a chef in Arlington, VA who makes peeps from scratch for his restaurant patrons. I'm sure they are delicious, especially since they are a bit more natural. Hand-made is definitely a bonus!

Bacchus posted a link to a lovely set of Peep and Bunny salt and pepper shakers made by Lenox China but, as Eliza pointed out, they don't go on sell until July 2009. They also have a Peep Easter Basket and peep and bunny figurines. Go order yours now and you'll be set for next year. 

Tricia posted a link to a hilarious video in which a peep exacts its revenge after being placed in a microwave! Do not mess with peeps!

My sister-in-law, Katherine, had suggested deep fried peeps and I was considering that for next year's peep week until Anthony posted a link to a recipe that made my stomach turn. Check it out here. I'll have to take that idea under advisement now.

And last but not least, Betty was out walking her dog when she ran across this lovely tree decked out in peeps. She sent me an e-mail telling me about it and, when I asked if she would go back and take a picture, she kindly obliged. Betty you are a trooper. 

Peep Tree







I know that some of you were out there roasting peeps, doing centerpieces and partaking in your own peep traditions. If you have pictures or stories to share, please do so. If we do Peep Week again next year (Luisa wonders how I could possibly top Peep Week 2009), I know that I'll be able to count on all of you to be my roving reporters of all things peep-like. It warms my heart. Actually, it chars my heart into a carmelized shell from which oozes pure peepy goodness.

There is one last bit of peep-related business...the 2009 Peep Centerpiece. It is with mixed feelings that I report that I have officially retired as the visonary and creator of the Reich-Brandão Peep Centerpiece. For the past two years, Miguel has done one and I have done one but this is too much...even for a peep lover like myself. So, I have passed the torch to Miguel. He came up with this year's alien invasion...and Luisa, Zeca and I helped him realize that vision. So, without further ado, I present the 2009 Peep Centerpiece...

Peep Centerpiece 2009








The UFO is made out of chocolate cake with large marshmallows serving as the landing gear. The UFO is decorated with DOTS and red chocolate chips. The earthy terrain is sugar cookie with chocolate rocks strewn about. The door of the spacecraft is made from Necco wafers and the ramp to the ground is Doublemint gum. The entire centerpiece is edible with the exception of the peep antennas which are toothpicks and the base on which the cake sits. The kids devoured a great deal of the centerpiece but we still have some left if you are in the neighborhood and need a snack.

So...that's it for Peep Week 2009. Now, I'm going to bed and sleeping for a few days. Okay...not really...but it's a nice thought. Peeps Out!