Peep Lattes

Peep Week 2009You know how you are up until the wee hours editing video footage of peep lattes and then you can't sleep because you are so excited about the peeps and then you finally start drifting off to sleep and your kid starts screaming and you utter expletives and wait for your partner to get up but she doesn't so you have to get up but you're really crabby about it because you feel like you have suffered enough for your art but the kid doesn't understand that and is crying about it being too dark and you're like, "Hey kid! You wanna see dark? Look into my soul right now!" but you don't really say that because you are basically a nice person and you cuddle and comfort the kid and go back to bed but can't sleep because now you are thinking about peeps again and then you realize it is super late or super early or whatever (you're lost in the time space continuum) and it becomes clear that you are only going to get 4 hours of sleep which leads to despair but that turns out to be a good thing because your despair finally calms you enough so that you can go to sleep? This happens to you too, right? No? This very thing happened to me last night and I did not get enough sleep and that means there are lots more run-on sentences where that one came from (and, apparently, I'm going to end sentences with prepositions). Do you remember that scene in Toy Story when all those little aliens are in that toy/claw/grabber machine and Buzz Lightyear asks the little aliens who's in charge and they all look up, point and say, "The Claw..."? I love that scene. In fact, I say that all the time. Okay, maybe not all the time but at least a couple of times a year. Well, when I haven't had enough sleep, I feel the same way about The Run-on as those cute little aliens feel about The Claw. The Run-on is definitely in charge of things today and I know this because this long, rambling paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the post and I am going to leave it in anyway. So, last week, I was googling "peeps + Minneapolis + restaurants" as I am wont to do when I ran across a little blurb saying that Java Train, a coffee shop in St. Paul, serves Peep Lattes for Easter. How could I resist a Peep Latte? I called over there to confirm that this was for real and it was, so, my buddy Kristin picked me and my video camera up and we went over to check it out. I wish that I had started the camera right when we walked in because then I would have captured all the peep stories we swapped with Tara and Katie while Tim made our lattes. Live and learn. is our adventure captured for your viewing pleasure...


Recipe for a large Peep Latte at Java Train  

Add 2 squirts vanilla flavoring and 2 squirts amaretto flavoring to cup

Add 1 shot espresso

Fill with steamed milk

Top with whipped cream

Add yellow and green sprinkles for garnish


Recipe for a large Peep Latte ala Vikki 

Add 1 shot espresso to cup

Fill to rim with steamed milk

Float a peep in the sucker and call it a day


So, this kicks off Peep Week here at Up Popped A Fox and this means that you can expect a peep-related post every single day this week. How EXHAUSTING! Oops, I meant EXCITING!

ETA: I apologize for the long title sequences. I gave up trying to shorten them at midnight last night. I also apologize for my dolphin-like giggles caught on camera. This highlights why I should stay behind the camera...very far behind the camera.